When you are renting your house, it is important that you make your property stand out from the rest to catch the attention of prospective tenants. Effective home staging can play a significant role in this regard. It will not only help to rent your home faster but also increase the likelihood of making a profitable deal.

Given below are some tips that will help you stage your home for rent:

Boost Curb Appeal

When potential tenants visit your property, the first impression that they get is sufficient for them to decide if they want to rent the home. Therefore, it is imperative that your house looks exemplary when seen even from the streets. For this you should:

  • Paint the exterior walls
  • Clear and pressure wash the sidewalk
  • Clean the windows
  • Mow the lawn
  • Trim the bushes
  • Add some greenery and plant flowers
  • Install proper lighting
  • Check that the front door, knobs and latches are well-maintained

Revamp The Interiors

  • Declutter – Remove all the unwanted stuff from your home. All the closets and drawers should be empty so that the tenants can visualize themselves living in the place. Keep limited furniture and make sure everything is properly organized.
  • Sparkle the floor – Thoroughly clean the flooring to remove dirt and stains. Hire a professional for deep cleaning of the carpets. Broken wooden or tile flooring should be repaired before the tenants visit the property.
  • Set up the furniture – Furniture plays a vital role in home staging, provided that you use the right items and present them properly. Make sure the furniture does not block the walking area in the room. Rather, go for minimal and sleek furniture items to give a spacious look.
  • Clean the bathroom – The bathroom should look clean and beautiful. If you have large sink try replacing it with a small pedestal one. Repair any leaky faucets or plumbing issues. It is a good idea to put some hand towels and scented soaps in the bathroom to make it look alluring.
  • Represent your kitchen – Putting a bowl of fresh fruits in the kitchen will make it look a colorful . You can always put some of your best utensils and cutlery that will give buyers an idea of usable space. It is always good to place some fresh lemons near to sink, to get rid of any unwanted odor.
  • Showcase the unused area – You might have been using the basement or attic for dumping the stuff you don’t need but when you are preparing your home for rent, remember to showcase it as a usable space. You can put some furniture or a table in the room to help the buyers visualize its utility.
  • Create an ambiance – A dark and gloomy house make not give out an impressive look to the tenants. Hence, you should pull the curtains and open the windows to let sunlight enter the house. You can also enhance the decor by installing new light fixtures and placing stylish table lamps.
  • Deep clean your house– In case you have pets, it is highly recommended that you get your home cleaned by professionals. Pet dander as well as urine stains can leave unsightly smell and marks in the home. It is important to get rid of them in order to rent your home faster.
  • Use home decor items – You can hang some good piece of artwork on the walls and use indoor plants to create a good atmosphere in the house. You can also replace old curtains with the ones that are shinier and complement the wall color.
  • Repair and repaint– Repair any leaky faucets, jammed doors or closets that may give out a bad impression. Repaint the house with neutral shades as it will give a sense of more space and make the home look more inviting.

Home staging may call for some time and efforts but it plays a significant role in renting your house at the best price

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