Tenant Screening Services In Plano, TX

If you are looking for a suitable tenant for your rental home in Plano, TX, here lies the solution. We can help you navigate through the complex process of selecting the right tenants for your property. Our in-depth and systematic tenant screening procedures will make sure that you are handing over the keys to your home to responsible people. We will provide you accurate information about the tenants so that you can make a well informed decision.

How We Go About The Process Of Tenant Selection?

  • Getting an application form filled up: We require each prospective tenant to fill up a rental application form. This includes all the necessary information that you should know about the tenant including personal details, employment information, references, financial background etc. By submitting the application form, the tenants also agree to a credit check and a criminal record verification.
  • Conducting a background check: Depending upon the information provided in the application form, we will conduct a thorough background check including tenant’s credit history, eviction details, pending court cases, criminal history etc.
  • Running a credit check: We will look out for unpaid debts or any history of bankruptcy. Our team will also conduct income verification. This will give you an idea if a tenant will be able to pay the rent on time.
  • Getting references: Our property managers will contact the tenant’s previous landlords to gather information about his lifestyle, general conduct, any damages caused in the previous rental unit, history of late rent payments etc. If needed, we will also get in touch with the tenant’s employer to know about his employment status and salary details.

You can completely rely on our company to find a reliable tenant for your rental property in Plano, TX.